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Zuri Ali


Zuri Ali-Cole is a mother, wife and mixed media artist, with a heightened focus in acrylic figure painting.The Dayton, OH native currently resides in The Greater Cincinnati area with her husband and children. Zuri has always had a passion for the arts and discovering new ways to create works reflective of her journey as a young mother and woman of color. Storytelling through both her written and painted works are how she best connects with her audience. Transparency and authenticity are the intentions that guide the artist's process. The painted figures and portraits in Zuri's work are often abstracted and vibrant in hue paired with energetic brush strokes. Zuri graduated from Stivers School for the Arts in 2011 and spent her first two years of post-secondary education at Miami University in Oxford,OH. After Transferring from Miami University in 2013, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Cincinnati's DAAP (Design Architecture Art and Planning) in 2016, following the birth of her first muse, Harlem.  

Presently, Zuri is a new mother again and working artist. Her children and the mission to create space for honest discussions remain a pivotal driving force behind her work along with the desire to make fine art accessible to all. She often shares the sentiment that "art is for everyone." 

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